Master Panagiotis Gialamas, President of  the Hellenic Quadrathlon ITF Federation, invited GM's Bos and Lan to Thessaloniki, Greece, in order to promote Mr. Pantelis Stoupas (unable to travel abroad) to to the title of Master 7th degree ITF. Mr. Stoupas, in possession of the necessary requirements, performed Tong-il, Se-Jong, steps sparring according to his actual physical shape and answered to several theory questions. On behalf of the ITF Masters Promotion Committee and after a 1.5 hours test, GM's Bos and Lan handed over the 7th degree and Master title to Mr. Pantelis Stoupas. 
Master Gialamas, 8th degree President of the Hellenic Quadrathlon ITF Federation, congratulated Master Stoupas as being the second 7th degree Master of their organisation. GM's Bos and Lan would like to thank the Hellenic Quadrathlon ITF Federation for their warm welcome, organisation skills and gifts that memorised the event.    

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Date: 2012-07-22 22:27:00
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