The 2nd official Children’s Development Course took place on 9th/10th June in Croydon, England. 35 participants attended the course conducted by Master Donato Nardizzi, the chairman of the ITF Children’s Development Committee. Each participant was given a copy of the Kids Program Study Book and a CD containing all the files an instructor needs including the 288 page Instructor’s Guide.

The course lasted 12 hours over the two days consisting of two 3 hour sessions on the first day and a 4 hour session followed by a 2 hour session on the second day. Master Nardizzi started the course with a Powerpoint presentation giving an overview of the Kid’s Program.  After the presentation, Master Nardizzi demonstrated various warm up games and then invited others to demonstrate some of their own games. The participants discussed the merits of each game and discussed ways of changing the games to improve class management as well as promote the development of skills. The ‘Morphing Principle’ was introduced as a way of removing the negative association of ‘losing’ or ‘failing’ in games by using a basic principle of ‘role changing’. At the end of the first session, Master Nardizzi explained some of the higher principles of the Kids Program which are necessary to develop a mind-set that promotes harmonious living. This prepares the students to learn the Taekwon-Do moral culture.

In the afternoon session, Master Nardizzi continued explaining how to teach the main syllabus. During the course, the participants were invited to contribute to discussions about the various methods of teaching the syllabus. The course was conducted with an open minded approach where all suggestions were given consideration. Master Nardizzi explained that the Taekwon-Do Kids Program belongs to all ITF members and collectively we should endeavour to contribute to it to help it evolve into the best possible Taekwon-Do programme for children.

At the end of the first day there was a banquet at a local Italian restaurant which was enjoyed by all those who attended.

The first session of the second day was a long one that lasted 4 hours, so there were plenty of breaks. Also, the participants were encouraged to get involved with the demonstrations of the games and activities instead of sitting for too long. After lunch, Master Nardizzi explained how to teach the supplementary syllabus which includes learning how to deal with danger, bullying, aggression, and the potential danger of strangers. There were a lot of role playing activities which gave rise to many hilarious situations. Everybody, had a good time as the session was conducted with good humour but was structured enough to be a valuable learning experience.

Every participant receives a certificate of participation issued by the ITF which qualifies them to teach the Taekwon-Do Kids Program.


After the course the participants were given a questionnaire to provide feedback about the course.

Here are some of the comments:

I was very impressed with the course and material. Master Nardizzi explained and taught the programme in sequence and relevance to the topics concerned. His easy going manner and superior knowledge of the subjects enabled the class to relax and respond to questions. The class participation and role play was a fantastic way of learning and quickly encouraged even the most senior of students to participate. …….Enjoyed the course - Very impressed.

Derek Cairns 1st Degree (Scotland). 

Master Nardizzi delivered an excellent course, which gave me many ideas about activities to teach young kids in my Taekwon-do classes.  His experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject were very impressive.  This programme should ensure that the kids in our ITF clubs will have the best possible physical and mental basis for their future martial arts development.

Jonathan Emm 4th Degree (England) 

An excellent course that gave insight into the minds of small children and how to connect with them.  Teaching the Taekwondo basics will now be a lot more fun for both me and the student.

Katharine Shuler 2nd Degree (England) 

I came to this course a young man with a lot of bright ideas, with no idea what to expect but when the course was finished I felt like a wise old man full of knowledge. I was most impressed by the instructor Master Donato  Nardizzi his instruction was second to none he is a perfect example of a taekwondo master and a human being an inspiration to us all.

Nigel Charles 1st Degree (Scotland) 

As a first degree I felt somewhat intimidated and some reservation when I booked myself onto a course being led by a senior master and attended by senior grades many of which were fourth degree and above, however within a short space of time I was made to feel at ease and that my participation and contribution (when invited) was valued. The course delivery was excellent and pitched at an appropriate level; it was accessible and inclusive to all.  I would highly recommend that anyone who is teaching young children or considering teaching young children attend the course, the knowledge, experience and information attained from the course is truly invaluable.

Nicola Elsworth 1st Degree (England) 

I thoroughly enjoyed the course; the content was engaging and well presented.  The exercises and games which have been developed to translate the core values of Taekwon-Do to the future generation are well thought out and most importantly for this age group, great fun!  I look forward to passing this knowledge on to the young students who will be having far too much fun to notice they are learning’ a way of life’



The 1st official Children’s Development Course took place In the Hall of the Manuel Belgrano School in Buenos Aires and was conducted by Master Donato Nardizzi, 8th Degree from England and Instructor Fabian Izquierdo, 5th Degree from Santa Fe, Argentina.

During the weekend of the 8th and 9th October 2011, 120 participants, including Gran Masters, Masters and Instructors from Argentina and also from Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia and Peru received instruction on how to put into practice this fantastic "ITF Taekwon-Do Kids Development Program (TKD Program)" for ages from 3 to 7 years. Not an easy task for those who work with children!

At the Course participants were provided with the “Instructor's Guide” which contains more than enough tools to work professionally with the smaller kids, organizing in advance each class thanks to this innovative and systematized TKD Program.

Both Master Nardizzi and Instructor Fabian Izquierdo expressed in great detail (including slides and interactive games with the audience) all the TKD Program, their vision and the philosophy of it, which prepares the younger kids not only in Taekwon-Do but also in various life skills such as concentration, memory, being independent, leadership, how to behave against different dangers, and much more!.


The TKD Program includes 6 stages ending in the 8th Gup, integrating the children afterwards into the mainstream class with the yellow belt.

During the Course many questions were raised, regarding the frequency and the duration of each class and particularly with regards to how to manage such young children and of course how to maintain discipline in the class, this was answered with clear directions that correspond with the philosophy of the TKD Program.

The “Study Book” for the young students was also presented, where a very professional job can be appreciate, beautifully illustrated with drawings by Instructor Fabian Izquierdo.

Also during the Course the new ITF logo was presented with loud approval applauses from all the present.


The Course has reached an end and we are all looking forward for more, we hope to see you in Argentina again soon! 

Sabrina Condrò

Vth Degree Instructor



The third ITF Children’s Development Course will be in Spain on 27th-29th July 2012.

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